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●  Whether for small or large brands, our customized packaging can fit their export requirements and specifications for materials, shapes, and sizes.


●  As brand owners seek higher quality essential oils, we fulfill their requests as our oil products come at more than 90% purity.


●   Should you have any design specifications for the packaging, we can use our high-end packaging material to better display your brand.

●  As factories seek higher purity, we offer quality essential oils at over 90% purity to help lower their expenses and maximize sales.


●   Considering the high demands large manufacturers have to meet, our factory ensures mass production and quick refinery of essential oils to reduce their hassles.


●  If you are looking for raw materials, we sell large barrels measuring dozens of tons that are packaged and ready for delivery.

●  Adapting to diverse demand, we provide sellers with various options for essential oils, bottle design, and packaging to match global requirements.


●   To ensure consistency of the weights of every bottle, we manufacturing bottles from durable materials within machinery under one roof.


●  As to increase their reach to global markets, Amazon sellers can avail of our bespoke packaging and logo customization services.

●  Looking to treat depression and body aches, aromatherapy institutes require essential oils with such properties and of the highest quality.


●  Through our up-to-date formulation, we provide aromatherapy institutes with our custom essential oils with over 90% purity.


●  With our machinery, we provide institutes with a consistent supply of essential oils that are tested in our certified labs.


Free Consultation

Provide us with your packaging design ideas and essential oil specifications for our experts to deliver precise reports and realize your vision to help you reach wider markets.


Quick Sampling

After receiving your request, we produce samples of our essential oils made to your specifications and carefully packaged. Samples arrive within a week for your inspection to help smoothly proceed to production.


Marketing Support

Having over 200 experts in our marketing department, we provide consultation and reports to boost audience reach. Improve market confidence with various promotional materials and wider online and commercial presence.


OEM Service

Primarily handling skin care OEM services, we produce unique essential oil formulas that make your product selections stand apart from your peers and cater to different demands.


Packaging Design

Grab the attention of your market with our stellar bottle designs made from durable materials. Following your specifications, we provide boxes that organize bottles cleanly and craft a bespoke logo to display your brand’s quality.


Ship & Delivery

Connected with trusted logistics agencies and reliable ports, we use international express to deliver at quick paces, with normal orders reaching 30 days to help you meet market demand.

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