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The New Ways to Start Your Brand

01  Ready to Label
sticking a label on the essential oil bottle

It only takes 5 days to create a stunning label for your own pure essential oil brand. Follow these three easy steps to get started in your essential oil project and to resonate with your target audience.

  • Step 1   Choose your product
    AllTimeCare has a rich selection of 100+ essential oils and handmade soap. Pick one or more of our self-care products.
  • Step 2   Send your logo
    Send a digital file of your logo through one of our contact mediums. Expert designers can also help you create a recognizable logo for your company.
  • Step 3   Sell your products
    AllTimeCare will send your selected products with your private label, which are ready to hit your target market.
02  Create Your Brand From Scratch
p02 s05 img02

You have a team of marketers and consultants who can assist you in creating your brand, a recognizable tool that will draw your target audience to your line of pure essential oils and handmade soap.

  • Step 1
    Pre-launch preparation (market volume report, customer preferences, product popularity)
  • Step 2
    Hands-off manufacturing (raw material selection and sourcing, distillation, fulfillment)
  • Step 3
    Comprehensive support (package design, warehousing and logistics, after-sales support)

Guide to Essential Oil Wholesale

AllTimeCare is your trusted essential oil supplier since all of our products are certified by various institutions. Each of our products complies with ISO, GMP, USDA, and other industry standards on safety and efficacy. The company also has more than a decade of experience in providing high-grade health care products.

No middle-man can compromise the quality of the health product when working with AllTimeCare. You have direct access to a wide range of brands and reputable suppliers of essential oils and other self-care items, ensuring all of your orders are in excellent condition.

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When you require large volume order of high-quality essential oils and handmade soap without burdening your budget, AllTimeCare is here to assist you. The bulk essential oil order we offer has a deep discount that can improve your ROI while fulfilling your capability of providing high-grade self-care products.

Most of our peers in the market can only achieve 60 to 70% purity for their essential oils. AllTimeCare goes above and beyond in producing our essential oils that they can reach up to 100%. With a high purity rating, our essential oil aroma lasts longer than other oils.

AllTimeCare has a mature supply chain for the ingredients and materials we need to produce our essential oils. Even during peak season, we can supply you with volume orders of essential oil and handmade soap without compromising on quality.

bulk essential oil
big warehouse with lines of shelfs full of packages

Utilizing a workspace of 13,500 square meters within our factory with 3 automated production lines and 9 semi-automated production lines, we can achieve an annual output of 80 million essential oil bottles. AllTimeCare ensures your orders are complete with a short lead-time.

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