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AllTimeCare is your reliable essential oil manufacturer that offers an extensive selection of essential oil and by-products at competitive prices.

AllTimeCare's offering-bulk pure essential oil


Pure Essential Oil

The distilled essence of seeds and plants that have a potent aroma, stimulating the olfactory sense and providing various health benefits.


Essential Oil Blends

By combining various oils, essential oil blends have their unique aroma. These blends also have marketable qualities such as anti-bacterial and stress reliever.

AllTimeCare's offering-bulk pure essential oil
AllTimeCare's offering-wholesale handmade soap


Handmade Soap

Unlike commercial soap, our handmade soap or made from organic ingredients from our in-house production facility.

Quality Essential Oil OEM Service

Maximum Control From Seed To Seal

AllTimeCare takes full responsibility of the whole distillation process to extract the best essence of seeds and plants for our products.

From start to finish, we utilize a strict QC process from the extraction of the ingredient up to the packaging of each health product. The full control for each process ensures all of your essential oils and self-care goods are at their peak potency.

Since 2009, AllTimeCare has been perfecting our skills in extracting the essence of various seeds. The experience and knowledge we acquired over the years allow us to avoid wasting raw materials and prevent any contamination during the distillation process. This leads to competitive-priced essential oils without compromising their quality. 

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Try samples first and evaluate the quality

Would like to get samples before making a large wholesale purchase? We would be glad to help! Just drop us a message with a list of essential oil types for samples and your location to learn the shipping cost.

Count On Our Full Capabilities

More than just a wholesale supplier, AllTimeCare provides you with turnkey solutions that truly saves your time and energy, so that you can start your business painlessly.

I need essential oils with special functions

Choose from a rich selection of pure essential oils with their health benefits. You can also create a tailor-made essential oil blend that achieves a specific health benefit for your target niche market.

I am looking for a competent factory

As a one-stop-shop for your essential oils, we take out the hassle by accomplishing all your requirements. The mature supply chain and robust production capabilities ensure a steady supply of high-grade health products.

I need verified quality certifications

Each essential oil complies with GMP standards in terms of safety thanks to our strict QC process. AllTimeCare is also open to third-party quality analysis reports.

AllTimeCare 360° Services
Make Your Business Worry-Free

Whether you are starting-ups or established brands, AllTimeCare aims at providing the most comprehensive support to you to help grow your business.

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Free Consultation

Being a freshman in the industry? Need a powerful marketing symbol to be the recognizable face for your essential oil pursuit? AllTimeCare has professional consultants who have to provide logo and custom packaging recommendations that can resonate with your target market.

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Quick Sampling

To give you a hands-on preview of both quality and packaging of your essential oil, we can provide a sample within 3 to 4 days. The quick sampling service can help you decide on proceeding with pass production of your order.

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Marketing Support

AllTimeCare serves as not only your contract manufacturer. We are your strong support when it comes to marketing and promoting. More than 200 members of our marketing team can help you pick a specific formula that can satisfy the demand of your target audience, create compelling copywriting and pictures for generating leads.

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OEM Service

AllTimeCare can create a tailor-made essential oil formula that makes your brand stand out from your peers. With our in-house facilities and expertise in distillation, the OEM service we offer is a smooth and hassle-free service compared to our peers.

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Packaging Design

Attract your target audience through complete bottle and packaging design service can be hard without a professional team supporting. Now you have the design team who can accurately follow your specifications for the bottle and box. You can also have our designers create a powerful packaging concept that fits your brand.

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Ship & Delivery

Our services don’t stop after the production phase. We have the knowledge of how to save space and logistics fees. The connections we have to trust logistic companies and ports ensure a short lead-time on all your orders. Expect your packaged essential oils and health products to reach you within 30 days.

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Our team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential.