OEM Service

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11 Years of Industry Experience Can’t Be Wrong

For more than a decade, AllTimeCare has been working with thousands of clients in making a difference in the essential oil industry. From tackling diverse challenges to developing innovative solutions for brands, our quality essential oils, and services resulting in the success of many brands.


AllTimeCare is committed to delivering unmatched quality in our essential oils, setting the benchmarks that others follow. Let our experience and expertise be your guide to reaching your goals.

Save Big With Our OEM Service

Cut unnecessary expenses while increasing the reach of your essential oil business with our cost-effective offerings that are sure to add value to your brand.

The Costly Way

$ 20,000~50,000+ for basic setup

Decades of effort from experienced technicians required

Starting from $100,000/machine. Additional investigation on machinery performance, expertise of proper maintenance…

Expensive labor forces starting from $40/hour. Time and effort needed to design the management system.

The Cost-Effective Way

Manufacturing Cost


Fulfillment Fees


Logo/Label Design


Warehousing Fees


How We Help You Out

As your partner in establishing your brand in the essential oil business, we provide you with products that have exceptional quality and consistency you can rely on.

We understand that the best organic oils can only come from premium seeds that are not exposed to contaminants or harmful chemicals. Close partnerships with reputable corporate farms and certified seed suppliers allow us to monitor the growth of the plants and maintain our quality standards.

Plant Growing

To ensure we only get the purest oils from the materials, our boilers are regularly cleaned and disinfected to remove possible pollutants. The distillation process operated by experienced technicians in our factory can produce up to 5 - 7.5kg/1000kg plants (varies from different plants).

High-Purity Distillation

Using automated filling machines, the essential oils are securely transferred to the containers, with containers filled precisely every single time. The high precision of our filling machines allows us to achieve consistent output and retain the quality of our products.

Efficiently Filling

Once the containers are filled, they are checked for any leaks, damage, or inconsistencies. The bottles are then packed according to preferred packaging requests, then prepared for shipment with our partner logistics companies.

Assembly and Packaging

4 Easy Steps to Start Cooperation

AllTimeCare’s streamlined production process makes creating your line of essential oils simple, quick, and cost-effective. We take on the challenging parts so you can focus on selling and making profits.

Choose Your Product

Choose from our wide selection of premium essential oils and essential oil blends to start creating your product line. We can also work with your existing concepts and reimagining them to bring out a better version.


Send Your Design Idea/Logo

Provide a copy of your concept for bottle design and logo, and our expert designers will work on applying your designs to the finished product.


Confirm the Sampl

After our chemical engineers develop the perfect formulation based on your requirements, you are given samples for first-hand testing and to ensure they pass your standards.


Mass Production

Once we receive your approval, the team proceeds to efficient and error-free production phase. Your custom essential oils are well distilled, filled, and packaged step by step.


Get A Free Quote/Sample

Our team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours.

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Get A Free Quote

Our team will answer your inquiries within 12 hours.

Your information will be kept strictly confidential.