Research & Development

Behind Every Successful Product and Brand…

There are hundreds of thousands of trials and errors, joint effort of all team members, and solid belief of AllTimeCare team to see the final light.

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Co-Work with Universities and Institutions

Having close partnerships with top scientific research institutions, like the Chinese Academy of Sciences and South China Institute of Technology, helps us conduct in-depth research and development to further elevate the quality of our essential oils. 

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Top-Class Lab Invested

Heavy investment into our in-house laboratory gives us the capability to create new essential oil formulations and meet the ever-increasing demands of the industry. Adhering to GMP and ISO:9001 quality management system, our labs follow strict standards in operation to maintain their pristine condition.

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Tested and Proven Formula

Professional chemical engineers develop reliable formulations customized to satisfy your brand and market demands. Each formula is continually tested to ensure the consistency of the results, along with safety of use to the consumer.

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Unwavering Commitment To Better Products

Continuous innovation is at the core of what we do. Never satisfied with our current offerings, we constantly seek new and fresh combinations that promise positive responses, as well as innovative applications for our essential oils.

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Qualified Team Members

Each member of our team has ample exposure to the business, with experience in foreign trade and essential oil formulation for more than a decade. Our professionals have a deep understanding of the industry and know what works and what sells in the market. 

a researcher doing experiment using a spoon and a beaker

Professional Tests to Ensure Quality and Effects

Tests on our essential oils are based on international quality standards, following global guidelines in quality and efficacy. Aside from R&D, we also handle handles microbiological testing, as well as physical and chemical testing.


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