Handmade Soap

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Custom Handmade Soap Under Your Brand

When you require a tailor-made handmade soap that exudes your company’s identity, AllTimeCare has the complete customization service you need. You can select from the size, dims, scent, bases, and logo stamped on your custom handmade soap to make your brand recognizable to your target audience.

Handmade Soap Wholesale Business Support

Receive a comprehensive analysis report on your target market along with an efficient marketing plan for the market. Through our market research and study of your target audience’s preferences, you can generate leads for your custom handmade soap.

AllTimeCare has a mature supply chain and a robust production facility. By taking our contract manufacturing service, we guarantee a steady supply of custom handmade soap at comprehensive prices.

Create a tailor-made packaging that will make your custom handmade soap attractive to your target audience. Choose from a wide range of materials, colors, sizes, and shapes along with your custom logo to construct your far-reaching packaging.

When you require answers to your product questions or advice in addressing issues with your orders, our professional staff are ready to assist you. Expect a prompt response from our staff after contacting us through our support channels.

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Quality Handmade Soap Making Process In Certified Factory

Ingredients for our handmade soap comes from our in-house facilities such as coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, palm oil, and much more. Apart from the rich selection of materials, we have sustainable alternatives to our ingredients and a wide variety of optional fragrances.


100,000 class clean room workshops are where we manufacture your custom handmade soap. Preventing any contaminants from breaching the production facility ensures the quality of your tailor-made soap.

Handmade Soap

Unlike commercial soaps that have a plethora of chemicals and artificial components, our handmade soap uses natural and safe ingredients made from our ISO-certified factory. AllTimeCare lets you tap into the organic, self-care, and health market with our high-grade custom soap that complies with industry standards on safety.


You can create specific handmade soups with special qualities that are in demand among niche markets. This includes using papaya extract onto soap to create a skin-lightening effect. AllTimeCare can also include natural additives to your soap that provide a moisturizing quality. Here are some of the handmade soaps we can create:

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Through our in-house distillation facility to create our ingredients, we cut the costs of our handmade soap. AllTimeCare can pass on the savings to you through our handmade soap bulk orders, allowing you to satisfy market demands for organic soap while driving your profit margins.

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