Quality Management

Our Certifications

We comply with all quality regulations and standards from all countries and are proud to provide high quality essential oils as always. Feel free to request for the certification if there is not listed here.

certification-JAS ANZ
certification-One Cert
certification-VEGE Cert

Our Quality Management System Covers Seed To Seal.

Quality begins with our team selecting the right plant seeds from the right place of production.

Ideal cultivation comes from the right climate and proper care and organic plant growth.

Harvested plants go through several distillation steps using modern technology for high-purity oils.

Continuous testing enables us to see the best possible quality and effects of the oil.

Strict weighing, filling and weeding procedures makes sure your essential oils are properly handled.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

To achieve the best essential oils for our clients, our facility has several production workshops outfitted with cutting-edge equipment used for distillation, testing, R&D, and filling.

a researcher is conducting experiment using a dropper and a beaker
a researcher is testing essential oil using a dropper and a beaker
doing test in a lab
a researcher is weighing the raw material
an essential oil production line
a distillation equipment

100,000 Class Cleanroom

We invest on the sterilized environment to ensure every drop of essential oil extracted remains natural and uncontaminated.

a female worker wears gloves, masks and anti bacteria uniform before entering the cleanroom

Test, Test and Test. For The Best Quality.


Part of our testing process is to check that there is no microbial growth within the essential oils and make sure the numbers are at par with global standards.

The physical and chemical properties of the essential oils are also reviewed by our team, checking that the values match our measurements for high-quality products.

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