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Custom Body Skincare At Your Request

AllTimeCare can create different Body Skincare products according to your unique requirement. We create personalized body skincare products by mixing different ingredients and colors. Our enriched experience and professional equipment can help you target the best-fit body skincare products.


AllTimeCare supports custom options on ingredients, colors, packaging, logo, and size. This fully satisfies your need to meet your budget.

Body Skincare: It's All About R&D Force

AllTimeCare Group has five major manufacturing bases, which are professional research and development labs that match the new business model of new retail, new e-commerce, and cross-border trading. We have advanced assembling lines, emulsification equipment from Germany, air purifying equipment from the US, a 3-stage RO system from Italy, and a 100K grade pharmaceutical standard aseptic purification workshop. With all that cutting-edge technology, all of our products are approved by the world’s authoritative institutions and the National Food & Drug Administration. The automation, standardized, and intelligent process from raw material to products ensures the quality of our Body Skincare products.


The factory has been approved and recognized by GMPC, ISO, CE, FDA, MSDS, and provides high-efficient, unique, and environmental products for all of our branded clients. We have been insisting on making Body Skincare products in a natural way with the finest process. We are proud to provide diversified, high-quality, and new-functional products, and create a one-stop service platform for the large health ecological supply chain.

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Custom Packaging For Your Brand

AllTimeCare personalized packaging is a powerful marketing tool that gives your brand a recognizable identity among your target market. You have a wide range of materials, sizes, colors, and shape options to make tailor-made packaging for your Body Skincare products.


When you need improvements for your packaging concept, we have designers with market experience who can assist you with creating strong packaging for your Body Skincare products.

Body Skincare

The global market has a growing demand for body care products, which can moisturize, protect the skin and protect skin from environmental factors. As of 2020, the global skin-care market is expected to reach USD145.2 billion.

No matter at any age, body care is essential. The human body skin faces the severe challenges of the external environment and the increasingly fast pace of life, including aging, life pressure, environmental pollution, unbalanced diet, excessive exposure to the sun, etc., which all affect the condition of the body’s skin. Here are some common benefits of our body care products:

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Moisturizing and whitening, slimming, body fragrance, exfoliating, problem conditioning, etc.


You can easily enter the growing market through our substantial discounts on bulk orders for body care products. By controlling the bottling production of our body care products, we can reduce costs and pass on the savings to you. Increase your return on investment with our wholesale orders for body care products now!

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